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Indoor House Plant Box

(8 customer reviews)



  • One 3″ potted plant per month.
  • Detailed care cards for each plant.
  • The plant comes in a plastic nursery planter with soil.
  • Free shipping.

8 reviews for Indoor House Plant Box

  1. Marcy

    Arrived in Great condition!

  2. Mildred Williams

    Took about 10 days to ship, but once I got that shipping confirmation it arrived 2 days later here in Missouri. I’ve always been very hesitant to order anything living offline but I’m SO glad I did

  3. Mariah Yanic

    She arrived perfectly! She’s taking a little time to adjust to my apartment, but it looks promising!

  4. Garrison Crosby

    She arrived perfectly! She’s taking a little time to adjust to my apartment, but it looks promising!

  5. Shariq Khan

    So excited to see this little guy grow!

  6. Kelli

    My first house plant was the Ripple Peperomia. It’s stalks are very fragile and it can be a little finicky. However, it arrived alive and thriving. Only one stalk was broken and I think I may have broken it unpacking my plant. There was lots of new growth at the base and it was pest/disease free. Def worth the $15.99 a month

  7. Catherine Johnson

    I just got my 33rd delivery as a gift from my daughter that she has continued and I have enjoyed every plant so much!! Each has arrived in beautiful condition I lost a couple of them due to me not reading the specifications for light and water but I cannot say enough about what a beautiful gift this has been. So exciting when I get the box every man still after 33 months I can’t wait to open them

  8. Rebekah

    Received my first order last month and she came in perfect condition it was a croton with dark green leaves. It fantastic condition growing nicely currently awaiting on my second order it should be here no later then a week and I’m excited to see what comes this month

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