Pet Friendly Box

(3 customer reviews)



  • One 3″ pet-friendly potted plant per month.
  • Detailed care cards for each plant.
  • Plant comes in plastic nursery planter with soil.
  • Free shipping.

3 reviews for Pet Friendly Box

  1. Pamela Mingus

    I love this plant. It was in pretty good condition when I got it, but I pruned back a damaged part and it immediately starting growing healthy leaves.

  2. Rachel f.

    As we were going to leave toTahoe , the plant came and so it was on the garage by 3 days then we came back , i open it and still the plant was in good condition, nice packaging as usual as the first one but the only concern i had is why the plant that the owner agreed to put in my second purchase is not there at the box

  3. Paige

    My plant was in great condition! I used this as a birthday present to my mother (our dog can get into anything so it is very nice that you have a pet friendly option), and she absolutely loved it! She has been wanting to get more plants into her house, and after knowing how great the first shipment was, I cannot wait to have my other plants get here each month!

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